Devoted to teaching, Ms. Gotoh maintains a studio of violin and viola students in NYC. Please use this contact form to inquire for further information regarding teaching and outreach.

Mario was invited by Yo-Yo Ma to teach at the YMCG (Youth Music Culture Guangdong) music festival in China. She has taught undergraduate violinists as the violin teacher at SUNY Stony Brook where she also taught music history courses in the classroom, undergraduate chamber music classes. Mario taught viola majors as faculty at SUNY Suffolk College, and she has also taught at precollege students at Manhattan School of Music Camp MSM, and Bloomingdale School of Music. She has coached young students in chamber music, violin and viola at festivals such as Music@Menlo and the Music Academy of the West Merit Program. She also taught chamber music at Stony Brook Precollege and Community Music Programs from 2008-2012.

Ms. Gotoh actively supports bringing music to the community in outreach presentations for institutions beyond the concert hall throughout North America with arrangements through institutes of learning, hospitals, museums and programs.



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