J. S. Bach

  • Violin Concerto No.1 in A minor

  • Violin Concerto No.2 in E Major

  • Concerto for Two Violins in D minor

  • Concerto for Three Violins in D Major, BWV 1064

S. Barber

  • Violin Concerto

B. Bartók

  • Viola Concerto

  • Violin Concerto No.2

  • Rhapsody No.1

  • Romanian Folk Dances

L. Beethoven

  • Violin Concerto in D Major

M. Bruch

  • "Romanze" for Viola and Orchestra in F Major, Op.85

  • "Scottish Fantasy" for Violin and Orchestra

  • Violin Concerto No.1 in G Minor

E. Chausson

  • "Poème" for Violin and Orchestra

A. Dvořák

  • Violin Concerto in A Minor, Op. 53 (B.108)

G. Faure

  • "Élégie," Op.24 for Viola and Orchestra (Originally for Cello and Orchestra)

A. Glazunov

  • Violin Concerto in A Minor, Op.82

J. Haydn

  • Violin Concerto No.2 in G Major

F. Hoffmeister

  • Viola Concerto in D Major

A. Khachaturian

  • Violin Concerto

E. Lalo

  • "Symphonie Espagnole"

F. Mendelssohn

  • Violin Concerto in E minor

W. A. Mozart

  • "Rondo" for Violin and Orchestra in C Major, K.373

  • Violin Concerto No.3 in G Major

  • Violin Concerto No.4 in D Major

  • Violin Concerto No.5 in A Major

Arvo Pärt

  • "Tabula Rasa" for Violin and Viola

S. Prokofiev

  • Violin Concerto No.2 in G Minor

C. Saint-Saens

  • Violin Concerto No.3 in B Minor, Op.61

A. Schnittke

  • Viola Concerto

R. Schumann

  • Violin Concerto in D Minor

D. Shostakovich

  • Violin Concerto in A Minor, Op.99

J. Sibelius

  • Violin Concerto in D Minor

C. Stamitz

  • Concerto No.1 for Viola and Orchestra in D Major

T. Takemitsu

  • "A String Around Autumn" for Viola and Orchestra

P. Tchaikovsky

  • Violin Concerto in D Major

W. Walton

  • Viola Concerto

H. Wieniawski

  • "Fantaisie Brillante" from Gounod’s “Faust”, Op.20

  • Violin Concerto No.2 in D Minor

J. B. Viotti

  • Violin Concerto No.22 in A Minor

A. Vivaldi

  • ”The Four Seasons”


L. Beethoven

  • 10 Sonatas for Piano and Violin

H. I. F. Biber

  • Sonata, for violin & continuo No. 5 in E Minor, C. 142

J. Brahms

  • 3 Sonatas for Piano and Violin

  • Sonata for Piano and Viola in F Minor, Op.120/1

B. Britten

  • "Lachrymae, Reflections On a Song of Dowland," Op.48a for Viola and Piano (1948)

E. Carter

  • "Elegy" for Viola and Piano

A. Corelli

  • Sonata No. 12 “La Folia”

C. Debussy

  • "Beau Soir" for Violin and Piano

  • Sonata for Violin and Piano


  • "Hora Staccato"

E. Elgar

  • "Salut D’Amour"

G. Enescu

  • "Concertpièce" for Viola and Piano (1906)

  • "Impressions d'Enfance" for Violin and Piano, Op.28

M. Falla/Kreisler

  • "Danse Espagnole" from “La Vida Breve”

C. Franck

  • Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major

G. F. Handel

  • Sonata in D Major, Op.1 No.13 (HWV 371)

  • Sonata In A Major, Op.1 No.3 (HWV 361)

  • Sonata In E Major, "Roger" Op.1 No.12

P. Hindemith

  • Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op.11 No.4

C. Ives

  • Sonata for Violin and Piano No.4

F. Kreisler

  • "La Gitana"

  • "Liebesfreud"

  • "Liebeslied"

  • "Malagueña"

  • "Schön Rosmarin"

  • "Sicilienne and Rigaudon in the style of Francœur"

  • "Syncopation"

  • "Tambourin Chinois"

  • "Tempo di Minuetto in the style of Pugnani"

  • "Toy Soldier's March"

  • "Variations on a Theme by Corelli in the style of Tartini"

W. Lutoslawski

  • "Subito" for Violin and Piano

C. Monti

  • ”Csardas” for Violin and Piano

M. Ravel

  • "Habañera"

  • Sonata for Violin and Piano in G Major


G. Rochberg

  • Sonata for Viola and Piano

C. Saint-Saëns

  • "Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso"

P. Sarasate

  • "Habañera"

  • "Introduction and Tarantella"

  • "Romanza Andaluza"

  • "Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs)"

F. Schubert

  • "Arpeggione" Sonata (trans. for Viola and Piano)

  • Sonata “Duo” in A Major

R. Schumann

  • "Marchenbilder" for Viola and Piano

R. Strauss

  • Sonata for Piano and Violin in E-flat Major

T. Takemitsu

  • "A String Around Autumn" for Viola and Orchestra (Arr. for viola and piano, T. Hosokawa)

P. Tchaikovsky

  • ”Waltz-Scherzo”

H. Vieuxtemps

  • ”Elegie” for Viola and Piano

H. Wieniawski

  • “Légende”

  • Polonaise No.1 in D Major

  • Scherzo Tarantella



  • J. Achron

  • "Suite enfantine" (1925) for String Quartet, Clarinet and Piano

A. Arensky

  • String Quartet in A minor, Op.35

D. Avshalamov

  • “Diversions” for Violin and Timpani

J. Ch. Bach

  • “Meine Freundin, Du bist schön”

B. Bartók

  • "Contrasts" for Violin, Clarinet, Piano

  • String Quartet No.2, Op. 17 (Sz 67)

L. Beethoven

  • Piano Quartet in E-flat, Op.16

  • Piano Trio in E-flat Major, Op.1 No.1

  • Piano Trio in C minor, Op.1, No.3

  • Piano Trio in D Major, Op.70, No.1 “Ghost”

  • Piano Trio No.7 in B-flat, Op.97 "Archduke"

  • Serenade, Op.8 in D

  • String Quartet Op.18, No.4 in C Minor

  • String Quartet Op.18, No.5 in A Major

  • String Quartet Op.18, No.6 in B-flat Major

G. Benjamin

  • "Viola, Viola" for Two Violas

C. de Bériot

  • Duets for Two Violins

  • Duo Concertante for Two Violins, No.1-3, Op.57

J. Brahms

  • Clarinet Quintet in B minor, Op.115

  • Piano Quartet No.1 in G minor, Op.25

  • Piano Quartet No.2 in A major, Op.26

  • Piano Quintet in F minor, Op.34

  • Piano Trio in B, Op.8

  • Piano Trio in C minor, Op.101

  • Songs for Alto, Viola and Piano, Op.91 - Gestillte Sehnsucht; Geistliches Wiegenlied

  • String Quartet Op.51, No. 2 in A Minor

  • String Quartet No.3, Op.67

  • String Quintet Op.111

  • String Sextet Op. 18, No. 1 in B-flat

  • String Sextet Op. 18, No. 2 in G Major

  • Trio for Viola, Cello, Piano in A, Op.114

J. Cras

  • String Trio

  • Quintet for Harp, Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello

G. Crumb

  • “Black Angels” for Electric String Quartet

C. Debussy

  • "La plus que lente" for String Quartet

  • String Quartet

  • Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp

C. Dohnanyi

  • String Trio "Serenade" in C

T. Dun

  • Eight Colors for String Quartet

A. Dvorak

  • "Deux valses" op.54 for String Quintet

  • "Miniatures" for Two Violins and Viola, Op.75a

  • Piano Quartet No.2 in E-flat Major, Op.87

  • String Quintet in G, Op.77

  • String Sextet in A Major, Op.48 B.80

  • "Terzetto" for Two Violins and Viola, Op.74

E. Elgar

  • Piano Quintet in A minor, Op.84

G. Faure

  • Piano Quartet in C minor, Op.15

J. Haydn

  • String Quartet No.53 in D Major "Lark," Op.63 No.5

  • String Quartet No.59 in G Minor "Rider," Op.74 No.3

  • String Quartet No.63 in D Minor "Fifths"/"Bells"/"Donkey," Op.76 No.2

  • String Quartet No.63 in B-flat Major "Sunrise," Op.76 No.4

J. Ibert

  • “Deux Interludes” for Flute, Violin and Harp

L. Janáček

  • String Quartet No. 1, “Kreutzer Sonata”

A. Klughardt

  • "5 Schilflieder" for Oboe, Viola and Piano, Op.28

Z. Kodaly

  • “Serenade” for Two Violins and Viola, Op.12

F. Liszt

  • "Sur la tombe de Richard Wagner" For String Quartet, Harp and Piano

B. Martinu

  • ”Duo” for Violin and Cello, No.1 H157

P. M. Davies

  • "Eight Songs for a Mad King"

F. Mendelssohn

  • Piano Quartet Op.1 in C minor

  • String Quartet Op.13

  • Octet in E-flat Major, Op.20

D. Milhaud

  • “Suite” for Violin, Clarinet and Piano

C. Monteverdi

  • “Nigra Sum”

W. A. Mozart

  • ”Divertimento” String Trio in E-flat, K.563

  • Duo in G Major for Violin & Viola, K.423

  • Oboe Quartet in F Major, K.370

  • Piano Quartet in G Minor, K.478

  • String Quartet K.80

  • 6 String Quartets “Milanese” K.155-160

  • 6 String Quartets “Viennese” K.168-173

  • String Quartet K.387

  • String Quartet K.589

  • String Quartet K.590

  • String Quintet No.3 in C minor

S. Prokofiev

  • Quintet, Op.39

M. Ravel

  • String Quartet in F Major

K. Saariaho

  • "Terra Memoria" for String Quartet

A. Schoenberg

  • ”Pierrot Lunaire”

  • String Trio, Op.45

F. Schubert

  • Piano Quintet "Trout" in A Major, D.667

  • String Quartet No.13 in A minor, D.804, Op.29,"Rosamunde"

  • "Quartettsatz" in C Minor, D.703

  • String Quartet No.14 in D minor, D810, "Death and the Maiden"

C. Schumann

  • Piano Trio in G Minor, Op.17

R. Schumann

  • Piano Quintet in E-flat Major, Op.44

D. Shostakovich

  • String Quartet No.3

  • String Quartet No.5

  • String Quartet No.8

  • Piano Quintet, Op.57

B. Smetana

  • String Quartet No.1 in E minor, "From My Life"

J. Strauss

  • "Schatz Waltzer" op.418 (arrangement Webern) for String Quartet and Piano

R. Strauss

  • "Capriccio"

  • "Metamorphosen" (septet version by R. Leopold)

I. Stravinsky

  • "L'Histoire du Soldat" Trio for Clarinet, Violin, Piano

T. Takemitsu

  • “Toward the Sea” for Violin* and Guitar (*trans. from Alto flute by Mario Gotoh (World Premiere, 2002)

P. Tchaikovsky

  • Piano Trio in A minor, Op.50

  • Souvenir de Florence

  • String Quartet No.1

J. Turina

  • “Scène Andalouse” Op.7

A. Vivaldi

  • "La Folia"

 R. Wagner

  • "Prélude de Tristan et Isolde" for String Quartet and Piano

C. M. Weber

  • Clarinet Quintet in B-flat, Op.34

H. Wieniawski

  • Etudes-Caprices for Two Violins, Op.18

E. Ysaÿe

  • "Harmonie du soir" for String Quartet and String Ensemble



J. S. Bach

  • 6 Unaccompanied Sonatas and Partitas for Violin

  • 6 Unaccompanied Suites for Cello (transcribed for Viola)

H. I. F. Biber

  • "Passacaglia"

E. Carter

  • "Figment IV" for Viola Solo

P. Hindemith

  • Sonata for Viola Solo, Op.11, No. 5

T. Hosokawa

  • Threnody for the Victims of the Tohoku Earthquake (2012) for Solo Viola

F. Kreisler

  • Recitative and Scherzo-Caprice for Solo Violin, Op. 6

G. Kurtag

  • ”Signs, Games and Messages” for Viola

G. Ligeti

  • Sonata for Viola Solo

N. Paganini

  • 24 Caprices for Solo Violin

G. Rochberg

  • Caprice Variations for Solo Violin

K. Saariaho

  • ”Nocturne” for Solo Violin

S. Sciarrino

  • "Tre Notturni Brilliante" for Solo Viola

E. Ysaÿe

  • 6 Sonatas for Solo Violin



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